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December 22, 2007
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Zuko's costume_Step 1 PATTERN by BanishedPrince Zuko's costume_Step 1 PATTERN by BanishedPrince
This is how I defined the pattern for my Zuko's costume and the cotton fabric length/height I'll need.
In the past, people asked me how I'll work. So, here is Step 1.

I have not a lot of experience on creating costume so I hope it will turns good. I used a Japanese Kimono pattern for reference.

I already bought the fabric and material I'll need. For info, it costed around 50 euro. But probably I will have enough to make something else with what is left.

Final work must ressemble to this Zuko's costume> [link]

Mesurements and new pattern for the pant added.
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There already is someone asking this but do you have any more pictures of your Zuko outfit, the link doesn't work?
Do you have any pics of the Zuko costume you made using this pattern?
YOU. I LOVE YOU. ;///; I've been looking around for a pattern everywhere for this cosplay.
PriscillaVesper Apr 16, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
You sir, are a saint.
D: Too bad there are no Katara or Aang versions of this. >w< Lol, aka the ones I need.
BanishedPrince Apr 24, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
:D Sorry, but I don't have Katara or Aang. Also, be careful with this one, since there was some mistakes in it that I corrected on the costume but not on the pattern.
beta-joovey Sep 25, 2008  Student Digital Artist
WOW. I've been trying really, really hard to figure out how to make Zuko and Azula cosplays for me and my brother, using their season 3 outfits. It's proving quite difficult. Do you have any suggestions? I'm desperate to sew both outfits by NYCC.
BanishedPrince Oct 11, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
This pattern was my first version, in fact I did it twice. The first version was to understand how it works, because I never sewed before and then I tryed to correct all the mistakes in the second version.
What I can suggest is :
> first do a draft with a cheap fabric. Cutting bigger, then trying to find the right shape. When it's ok, redraw the pattern on the good fabric.
> For the armour, I suggest a light material. I tried to make one with a groundsheet used for gymnastics. Then you can paint it with acrylics and protect with a varnish (not sure of this word?!) spray.
beta-joovey Oct 11, 2008  Student Digital Artist
Oh, thank you so much for the advice! It makes a lot of sense, thanks again!
insanely cool ;)
Tell me you're not wearing this to anime north :P I started making this exact outfit just this morning. lol
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